Diagrams at your finger-tips. Literally!

Windows 8 Diagramming Solution

Modern, touch-oriented UI

We fully embrace Windows 8 “content first” approach. In Grapholite, nothing stays between you and your work. All control elements are context aware and placed on radial menu, application bar and flyout panels that appear on screen only when you need them.

Getiing started with Windows 8

Easy creation and styling

Sketch Diagrams

Smart algorithms

With Grapholite, you will be able to design even the most sophisticated diagrams with a couple of clicks. An intellectual algorithm of connections layout helps you make automatic connections between the diagram elements as neatly as possible. Minimum intersections, a little shift of a line in the place where the connections could overlap, a loop in the intersection of the links - all these details that seem to be unimportant are in fact very useful and make your flowcharts more professional and readable. Minimum manual work is required.

Link routing alghorithm

Share, print, export with no effort

And yes, it's very sexy app :)

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