Personal Business Team
Perpetual license, one time fee
3 years upgrade guarantee
Can be used on multiple systems by the same individual user 2 PCs 5 PCs 5 PCs
License ownership Should be used exclusevely by the user who purchased license You can move license from one member of your organization to another
Users 1 1 up to 30
Windows Desktop
Windows Store
(touch- & pen- friendly app)
can be purchased separately
via Windows Store
iPad can be purchased separately via App Store
Price $49.99 $99.99 $999.99
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Note: For Windows 10 Grapholite is available in two different editions:

The above prices are actual for the desktop edition. However, if you buy “Business” or “Team” license, it includes Windows Store application too. It means you do not need to pay extra for it, you can download it and activate as a part of the purchased license.

“Personal” license has no this option, but you may purchase the Windows Store application separately.

Applications for iPad and Android are not the part of this pricing and sold separately via Apple and Google stores by the given links.

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