Organization charts

Organizational chart example

What is an organizational chart

Organizational chart is a diagram that defines distribution of responsibility and authority within a company for accurate management, establishment of communications between the departments, determination of subordination and liability. Organizational charts show formal relationships between staff, showing directors, managers and general workers. Through organizational charts, employees can see the working relationships of an organization's personnel and who is responsible to whom as well as the levels of hierarchy.

Organizational chart relationships

Organizational chart describes relationships by means of the following graphical elements:

Why use organizational charts

Organizational charts help officers establish clear management procedures within a company, as all relationships are represented visually. It allows for determination of problem areas and their immediate elimination.

Organizational charts help employees understand the main players in the organization and their relationships with other people within the organization. Employees should have a clear idea of whom to start with in case of any matters or issues in order to comply with the existing protocol and corporate standards. Organizational charts are mainly helpful in the communication process, as every employee knows who is who and it will help him/her to address other personnel appropriately and professionally.

The only limitation of organizational charts is that they depict only formal structure of the company and no human and social relationships between the people in the company. They also don't show management style adopted in the organization.

How Grapholite can help

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