Workflow diagram

What is a Workflow diagram

Workflow diagram usually denotes movement of documents, resources, and data throughout the entire work process for a specific product or service. Work processes can be very complicated, so visual representation of how the task should be completed can help employees better understand the process and work more efficiently. Workflow diagrams show persons responsible for every sub-process, necessary documents, resources, data and amount of time requires at each stage.

Why use Workflow diagrams

Workflow diagram is important to understand the complete work process as it helps you to:

Workflow diagram sample

How Grapholite can help

As mentioned above, workflow diagrams can be very complex and complicated, so people may think that they need specialized deep programming knowledge and skills. Or instead they may use special workflow software that will help them document even the most complex business processes. Grapholite offers user-friendly interface, a library of pre-designed workflow shapes and styles, and intuitive tools to assist you in creating professional and attractive work flow diagrams.

Grapholite also provides the following features:

Workflow diagram shapes

Workflow diagrams use specific shapes to denote particular business process stage and performed activities. Basic shapes are:

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How to Draw a Basic Workflow Diagram

The following video shows how to create a Workflow-like Diagrams in Grapholite. To watch a slower version, check out the link.

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