Venn diagrams

Venn chart example

What is a Venn chart

Venn chart is a diagram with overlapping circles that show relations between the sets to make them visually represented. They are used in mathematics, logic, management and other applied areas. Venn charts can help you see how much different things have in common. For example, in a two-set diagram, one circle may represent a group of all lighting units, while another circle may represent the set of energy-saving technologies. The intersection (overlapping area) will represent a set of all energy-saving lightning units. Venn diagrams do not contain information on the sizes of sets; they are schematic diagrams.

Why use Venn charts

Venn diagrams will help you compare raw data that is hard to understand or hard to see relations therein. With Venn diagrams, you will visually display the data to make it easier to analyze and comprehend, especially in presentations.

How Grapholite can help

Grapholite allows you to easier create a Venn charts by offering the following abilities:

Tips and tricks

See also another article about Set Diagrams and types of Venn charts.

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