Planogram example

What is planogram

Planogram (POG) is a scheme or diagram depicting how the retail products should be placed on the shelves to increase sales. They are used in visual merchandising and help stores plan space and good look.

Why use planograms

Since planograms are used to effectively manage space in retail stores to make products more attractive to shoppers, their usage leads to increased sales. POGs also offer additional advantages such as:

Planogram may be simple or complex depending on the size of the shop and the need of the retailer. Planograms can be as simple as an image of some store section or more detailed with numbered positions and shelf notches indicating exact position of each item.

Rules of creating planograms

Though retailers and stores have specific needs and sell different types of products, there are some basic rules for drawing an efficient planogram:

Obligatory planogram elements

A professional planogram should be as detailed as possible to make it easy for shop employees to restock products and manage out-of-stocks. Here are basic planogram elements:

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