Brainstorming diagram

What is a Brainstorming diagram

Brainstorming is an operative way of finding a solution to a problem based on creative activity when all participants can offer as many solutions as possible, even the most fantastic. Then the best variants are chosen from the list. Brainstorming is ideas generating method that:

Brainstorming diagram sample

Brainstorming diagram is the perfect tool that will help you come to the best solutions or plans. It visualizes all the ideas in hierarchy and shows relations between them. You will be able to develop a complete system of suggested ideas to improve communication and creative thinking that will result in effective decision-making.

Why use Brainstorming software

You simply don't have a choice in the time of computer technologies. When you use a paper and a pen to draw a brainstorming diagram you will need either be very-very accurate and foresee the position of a topic in the hierarchy and relations with the other items, or start drawing from scratch every time you are not accurate since any modifications to the diagram make incomprehensible. Drawing brainstorming diagrams using special tools saves your time and effort. You can just enter all ideas at first and then define hierarchy and relations (in any sequence, as relations denoted by arrows will layout automatically when you move this or that diagram element). Moreover, you can easily share and collaborate on the diagram.

How Grapholite can help

Grapholite allows you to easily create a brainstorming diagram by offering the following abilities:

Brainstorming process

The properly organized brainstorming includes three essential stages:

1. Problem statement. This is a preliminary stage. The problem should be properly phrased. Brainstorming participants are chosen based on the stated problem and the way brainstorming will run.

2. Generating ideas. This is the main stage influencing the success of the whole process. That's why it is important to comply with the rules:

3. Grouping, filtering and estimation of ideas. This stage helps to select the best ideas and finalize brainstorming. Criticism is appreciated here.

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